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1665 Wabash Avenue Suite F, Springfield, IL 62704
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Looking for a loan? Our southwest Springfield store, located in the heart of the Illinois capital, offers superior customer service and cash advances available in fast, easy installments –– often on the same day! Located centrally in the historic village of Jerome, our site sits within the Wabash Square complex, and directly across from Chatham Square Shopping Center. Easily accessible by car or public transit, our office is surrounded by conveniences and has remained a local financial choice for years. Visiting from out of town? Springfield is easily reached by the I-72 from the south and the I-55 from the east. Get the cash you want right away: receive up to $2,000 with help from our friendly, knowledgeable staff who can walk you through the application process. Take the hassle out of the cash-loan process. Visit SAIL Springfield today.

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