Assets vs. Liabilities

Assets vs. Liabilities

Assets vs. Liabilities

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You often hear the terms assets and liabilities thrown around. The concepts can be confusing, but it’s essential to understand the difference between the two and how they relate to your financial health.


Assets are things you own as an individual that offers financial value or benefit. Types of financial assets include savings accounts, investments, stocks, bonds, equity shares, etc. Financial assets have plenty of value but no physical form. Physical assets include things like your home and vehicle. Homes and property are fantastic assets as they tend to only increase in value.

From a business standpoint, tangible and intangible examples of assets include inventory, company vehicles, office equipment, machinery, cash, investments, and property. These are things that give value to the company itself.


Liabilities are opposite to assets, decreasing your value rather than adding to it. For individuals, the most significant liabilities are debts. Bank debts and mortgages are the two most common, but any money you owe is a liability. Businesses also have liabilities in the form of money owing to their suppliers or wages and taxes owed. This decreases their overall financial value at any given time because that money must be paid at some point.

Assets Equal Liabilities Plus Equity

The combination of assets and liabilities a business has is what determines its equity. To determine this number, you want to add up your liabilities and subtract them from your assets. Ideally, you should have more than you owe.

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