What Is a Sinking Fund & How to Start One?

What Is a Sinking Fund & How to Start One?

What Is a Sinking Fund & How to Start One?

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Do you have a large purchase coming up that’s looming over your head? Perhaps you know you’ll need a new car soon, or a significant appliance in your house is on its last legs. This can be stressful, especially if you’re on a budget. This is where you should consider a sinking fund.

What is a Sinking Fund?

A sinking fund is a unique savings strategy that involves setting money aside each month for a specific purchase. For example, you allocate $300 monthly into your “new car” fund. Eventually, you have enough money for the car and buy it. This way, you have a new car (or whatever it is you need/want) without hurting your regular savings or draining your bank account.

Getting Started

If you’re interested in the sinking fund technique, you’ll need to start with a sinking funds list. This list is the financial goals you have set for each specific purchase. You may only have one thing, but if you have several, then you must organize your funds according to priority.

With your sinking fund’s list, follow a few additional steps:
  • Determine the total cost of each item on the list
  • Determine your overall sinking fund budget
  • Create a timeline - how long do you have to save for each item?
  • Allocate your monthly funds accordingly
Even small monthly contributions build up - a sinking fund is one of the best financial management functions. Before you know it, you’ll have the money for your big-ticket items without any stress. Need a Head Start? While planning as far ahead as possible for big things like a car is best, you don’t always have that luxury. If you’re worried starting a sinking fund from scratch won’t be enough with your current budget, don’t stress. Applying for an online loan from SAIL Loans is a simple and manageable way to get ahead. 

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Start Saving Immediately

This opportunity for extra cash is an easy way to jumpstart your sinking fund goals and reduce the stress of urgent costs. We have the best installment loan opportunity because when you apply for an installment loan online by 11:30 am CST, and you could get funded that same day! It’s easy, and once you pay off the loan, you get the added benefit of the interest built over time.
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