Exercise on a Budget: Benefit Your Mind, Body, and Wallet

Exercise on a Budget: Benefit Your Mind, Body, and Wallet

Exercise on a Budget: Benefit Your Mind, Body, and Wallet

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Exercise is an overlooked, yet essential aspect to living a healthy life. According to experts at the Mayo Clinic, it is recommended that the average person get at least 30 minutes of exercise daily. However, researchers found that the average adult gets only 17 minutes of fitness activity daily. People often associate exercise with going to the gym or participating in sports, both of which can be pricey and put a damper on your monthly budget. In 2023, a gym membership is $20 - $60 per month.
If you are cutting out unnecessary spending, or are simply trying to save money, consider canceling your gym membership and try working out from home! Continue reading to explore 5 ways you can affordably participate in fitness exercises from your own home!

1. Create Your Own Weights
Did you know that weights can cost nearly $40? How expensive! Rather than buying your own set of weights, make them yourself! You can buy two large jugs of water, drink them, and then refill them with either tap or rainwater to create your own exercise equipment.

2. Practice Different Yoga Positions
Yoga classes can be very pricey, and aren't usually included in your gym membership. Yoga is currently gaining popularity due to its benefits for both the body and mind. Second hand yoga mats can be purchased very cheaply, and there are free comprehensive guides to exploring the different yoga poses. Before paying a fortune for a yoga class, hit the web and search for online resources!

3. Go On A Run
No matter where you are, you can go on a run. Don’t waste money buying a treadmill; explore your town while getting in your daily work out! Running is great for your heart as well as your mind.  There is a reason that you feel almost euphoric after completing a run.

4. Consider Jump Roping
You can either make your own DIY jump rope, or buy a cheap one from a second hand store! Jump roping is a great way to build muscle in your calves while also gaining endurance. 

5. Use The Stairs
No matter where you are living there will most likely be at least one flight of stairs within the area. Apartments have emergency exits, parks often have stairs, and you even may have stairs in your own home! There is no need for an electrical stair machine when you are surrounded by other options.

As you see, you have choices!  If you don’t want to spend money on a monthly gym membership, expensive workout equipment, or a pricey yoga class, try the 5 ideas above. While exercise is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it shouldn't cause you financial stress, and you shouldn’t avoid it simply because it does not fit into your budget! Whether it is going on a run, practicing different yoga poses, or lifting makeshift weights, exercising can be made not only affordable, but also fun!

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